Monday, November 28, 2016

Italy Floods; Tokyo Snows

Kiosks and lamposts are inundated during massive
flooding in Turin, Italy over the past few days  
Two extreme weather events slammed a couple locations around the world over the weekend.

The worst was an epic flood in Italy. The other was one of the earliest snows on record in Tokyo.

In Italy, torrential rains from a large, wet, slow moving storm caused incredible flooding, especially in the northwestern part of the nation.  

At least two people are reported dead, and thousands have been evacuated. The hardest hit area is in the Po River basin, including the city of Turin.

Most bridges in Turin were closed for safety reasons, and tourist boats were ripped from moorings and slammed into bridge abutments, the Weather Channel said. 

Video of the Italy flooding is at the bottom of this post.

Snow fell in November in Tokyo for the first time in
54 years. Photo by Shizou Kambayishi/AP
In Tokyo, snow fell in November for the first time in 54 years, numerous media outlets, including the Guardian reported

The snow didn't pile up much, but it did cause a stir in the megalopolis. It was the first time on record that snow actually accumulated on the ground in Tokyo in November.

Tokyo is a relatively warm city that averages only four inches of snow a year. Usually, that snow falls in January or Februrary. But a strong cold front from northeast Asia dropped temperatures to as much as 20 degrees below normal.

Temperatures are still a bit below normal in Tokyo, but are now much closer to normal.

Here's a video of the terrible flooding in Italy:

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