Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tornado Drama Near Kansas City On Friday

Tornado in Hilldale, Kansas Friday. 
September isn't usually a big time of year for tornadoes, with the exception of the times a hurricane makes landfall and spins off twisters.

But tornadoes not related to tropical storms do hit in September from time to time and so it was near Kansas City, where a pretty dramatic one touched down Friday.

The storm damaged or destroyed several homes and caused minor injuries to a few people, the Kansas City Star reported.

Luckily, the area the storm hit wasn't really the most densely populated area around Kansas City, or the damage would have been worse.

The tornado did its most damage around the town of Hilldale, Kansas.

Here's a video of the tornado from Check out the very end when the tornado, now narrow, crosses a bridge right near the videographer:

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