Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Perfect" Hurricane Pops Up On Beautiful Satellite Photo

Hurricanes Jiminez, to the right, and Ignacio, to the left
closer to Hawaii.  n
This week, an unprecedented three major hurricanes co-existed with each other in the central and eastern Pacific.

In this post, click on the satellite photo to make it bigger and easier to see. The hurricane to the right is Jimena It has to be the most perfectly formed hurricane I've ever seen in a satellite photo.

Too bad hurricanes can be so deadly. Otherwise, at least from space they are among the most beautiful weather phenomenon you will ever see.

The other hurricane in the photo, northeast of Hawaii, is Ignacio, which gave rough weather to the easternmost islands in the Hawaii chain yesterday.

Hurricane Jimina is expected to turn north and weaken over the next few days. It will miss Hawaii.

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