Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ANOTHER Disaster: Utah Flash Flood Kills Eight People

People being rescued in yesterday's extreme
flash flood in Utah.  
Tropical moisture entered parts of the west on Monday. In part, it was good news, as it slowed the fires a little bit, at least temporarily, in parts of California.

But the moisture triggered intense thunderstorms that caused terrible local flash floods. One of those floods along the Utah-Arizona border killed eight people.

The storm dumped 2.5 inches of rain in two hours, sending walls of water up to 15 feet tall sweeping off the surrounding mountains.

At least two cars were swept by the water off a road and into a gully. At least eight people in those cars died, a few more are still missing.

Flash floods are a hazard in the West as the steep slopes can't hold much water. Abrupt waves of water and debris then sweep over areas, quickly trapping people.

Here's a video of the disaster:

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