Monday, May 25, 2015

More Extreme Weather Videos

This car was crushed by a tornado this morning
in Ciudad Acuna, near Del Rio, Texas.  
It's another day of stormy weather across the southern Plains today.

A particularly nasty batch of storms spewing hail, high winds, tornadoes and flash floods got going over western Texas this morning.

As of noon, the storms were gaining strength, size and coverage, meaning much of central and eastern Texas is in for a trying day today. As if the last several weeks of tornadoes and floods weren't enough.

There's already been a report of a 76 mph wind gust around Abilene, Texas earlier today.

Demonstrating how potentially dangerous this weather system is, a tornado roared through Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, just across the border from Del Rio, Texas earlier this morning.

Reports are that 10 people died in the Ciduda Acuna tornado.

The tornado lifted before it reached Del Rio, but that city still got high winds and flash flooding out of the deal.
Huge hailstones in Romania today. 

Violent and unusual weather has been hitting wide areas of the world in the past week. Today, a supercell thunderstorm dumped tennis ball sized  hail on parts of Romania. Serbia is experiencing dangerous flash floods.

Record heat has hit parts of Alaska and northwestern Canada. Eagle, Alaska, some 200 miles east of Fairbanks, had six days in a row with temperatures in the 80s last week.  It was 47 degrees on May 21 in Barrow, on Alaska's northern tip.

That doesn't seem like much, but that is by far the warmest it has been there for so early in the season. The unusual and persistent heat up that way is aggravating early ice melt in the Arctic this year.

In Turkey a few days ago, massive flash floods swept away cars, buildings and people. Have a look in this video:

For proof that Texas has gotten way too much severe weather, here's footage from of hail piling up to a foot or more deep in Pecos, Texas back on May 18.

The hail was so deep that the bottom of low clearance cars were scraping the accumulation and getting stuck. It looks like the worst of winter driving, but it was springtime hail. Watch:

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