Saturday, May 16, 2015

Destructive Tornadoes Possible On Plains Today

Severe storm near Brule, Nebraska Friday.
Photo by Brett Wright on Twitter @WxMstr  
NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has a moderate risk of tornadoes today, especially in much of Kansas and Oklahoma.

This could easily be one of the worst outbreaks of severe weather so far this spring, maybe even the worst.

It just depends upon whether the tornadoes cooperate, or mow through urban areas like around Wichita, Kansas or Oklahoma City.

The Storm Prediction Center says some of the tornadoes today could be "significant and long lived." so people in the areas under threat ought to keep an eye to the skies and have a path cleared to the tornado shelters, just in case.

Thunderstorms early this morning might have disrupted the potential for the big tornadoes a little bit later today, but the atmospheric energy entering the picture should be more than enough to stir up some really bad weather.

As a preview to today, there were nine reports of tornadoes on Friday, one of which caused three injuries in Texas.

 Here's a large tornado near Torrington, Wyoming yesterday:

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