Saturday, September 27, 2014

You HAVE To Watch This Arizona Monsoon/Storm Time Lapse

Mike Olbinski captured this image of
a haboob rolling into Phoenix in 2012.  
Photographer and videographer Mike Olbinski compiled what I believe is the BEST EVER time lapse compilation of all those monsoon thunderstorms, clouds and dust storms in Arizona this past summer.

Olbinski is a wedding and storm chase photographer based in Arizona.

If you were wowed in the past few years by any photos of haboobs, lightning, clouds, storms and floods in Arizona, chances are, Olbinski took the shot.

Olbinski says he logged 14,000 miles between June 15 and Sept. 30 to document what turned out to be one of the most active monsoon seasons in memory in the desert Southwest.

Here's the incredible video:

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