Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Well, Monday Was A Stormy Day, Wasn't It?

Sorm rolling into Georgia Vermont Monday evening. 
As expected, Monday was a stormy day across the Northeast.

Here in Vermont, it was probably the biggest severe weather outbreak of the year so far.

I counted at least 32 storm reports in Vermont and northeastern New York logged by the National Weather Service in South Burlington.

As usual, I tried to take a few photos of the storms. Click on them in this post to make them bigger and easier to see.

I was working inside most of the day, so these photos are of the final storms of the day in northwestern Vermont.

Menacing clouds over Georgia, Vermont Monday evening.  
The day got off to an early start. What basically became a supercell formed in northern New York,  then skirted the entire Vermont/Quebec border, downing trees on either side of the boundary, then went into far northern New Hampshire and western Maine.

There, a couple of tornado warnings were issued, and one twister actually touched down in far northern Maine, of all places. (I don't think that brief tornado was part of this supercell)

Overall the Storm Prediction Center logged at least 281 reports of damaging winds, mostly in the Northeast.

Other clusters of storms kept forming all day and into the evening in New York State, then moved across Vermont. Bradford, near the New Hampshire border, got some hailstones that were 2 inches in diameter, which is bigger than a golf ball.

The storm ending in St. Albans, Vermont Monday evening.  
Another storm dumped some large trees on police cruisers at the Burlington Police Department, damaging some of them.

Three people had to be rescued when their boat capsized during a storm on Lake Champlain near Shelburne, Vermont.

The storms are long gone now, and it's cooler and less humid and refreshing behind a cold front.

The rest of today will be gorgeous, with partly cloudy skies. Wednesday is going to be the winner of the week.

More warmth and humidity, and maybe some more thunderstorms, are due in Vermont and much of the rest of New England by the end of the week.

Pretty ski over Fairfield Swamp,
Vermont after Monday evening's storms.  

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